Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Comic #61 : Mandrake Sunday :The Summit Conference(S086)

Update(6/29): Higher resolution colored Swedish sunday pages have been added in the place of earlier published low-res ones,with addition of 2 more new pages.
A new strip from Phil Davis era.This is one of those many English strips contributed by Dan & Magnus,so thanks to both of them!:-) [And if it has appeared in Bala's blog,then consider this a re-post!]
Now, a couple of things..
Few months back I've received some colored Swedish sunday strips of early Fredricks era from Magnus.(Some of them are already published by Lothar in b/w English).As a sucker of any nice colored comic-strips,I've tried to replace the speech-balloons with the English texts,so we can read colored strips in English!
Some samples(condition of these Swedish pages were not that good with tear etc,so I've fixed those pages a bit!).


 As we know,for the old b/w Mandrake strips, AWW(Australian Women's Weekly) is a very good source but they had cropped/enlarged the strip-panels a lot to fit in their format and that made the panels a bit weird! I've already discussed this with Lothar(to confirm my doubt).He has posted the cleaned but untouched AWW version,and I've the unedited non-English versions to compare with! So I am trying to restore the original shapes from those.
For now,see some of the samples....have added both of the re-stored(left) and AWW's versions(right). Any suggestion/feed-back will be appreciated.

Now,enjoy the Sunday..


Mahasthobir said...

First of all thanks for Mandrake strips. I never read it before. Truly most of my mandrake strips (eng) I collect form you and mandrake-comics.blogspot :).

How you change the balloons, I mean in which programme? Anyway you did very well.

And what is your restoration process with AWW version? You add or draw on most of the top strips and only one in the bottom.

Did you cut and paste from non-eng version or draw Narda’s legs and Mandrake's hair also few leaves and other object on the cropped frames?

HojO said...

I haven't changed the baloons but replaced those swedish fonts with english ones(from Lothar's scans).Yes,as swedish pages are bit yellowish,so had to clean the space and that takes much time.

About restoring in original shape,I did following steps:
1:Opened the original strips and have compared the AWW's panels with those,side by side.
2:Then carefully scaled those extra-part and chopped.
3:Cleaned a bit and then drawn the boxes again to get the original shape.That's it.

About cropped panels(not much actually),I simply replaced the aww's version with the original, after replacing the text with english.(As you have noticed,in those pages,the 'extra part' of Mandrake's hair/Narda's leg etc(@right,bigger panels) were done by some local artist of AWW to fit in their format,so I had to chop those and you are getting the smaller panels compare to aww.

Between,I didn't draw anything by myself as that means 'touching' the original strip,something that aww stuffs had done!I will try to modiffy as much strips as I can.

HojO said...

@ALL:One Bengali Indrajal is coming in next. Why??well,don't want to elborate but I belive that I've a deep,postive connection with these.As reading Indrajal Comics is a big 'stress-busters'for me,so don't want to have any negative/bitter conversations(or thoughts) just over posting these nice books!

So I will try to post a few in between,with the other posts.

Maverick said...

Superb work Hojo!Thanks for the strips.Never read this particular story before.

HojO said...

@Maverick:You are welcome.

PBC said...

Thanks for link!

About colour vesion: Good attempt. Waiting full story with LINK. he he he.... I'm also a downloader. ;)
Post same way - less talks, more stuffs. :)

About B&W: Mixed feelings. To take desion, need full story. So again waiting with a link. :)

HojO said...

@PBC:You are welcome."Talk when talk is needed" - this is NOT any 'old jungle saying' ;) but I as you said,I like writing on the things I'm passionate for!Like talking about Comics!haha..

About b/w,don't worry,once you see the 'restored' version,and compare that with AWW's version,you will have only 'one' feeling :o) and that's how superb Fredrick's job was - just awesome!!
Only those who are either ignorant or have no respect for art,can DARE to touch Fredricks/Barry's work!!