Sunday, June 19, 2011

Flash Gordon Sunday-Strips from Diamond's Comic World Magazine

Diamond Comics(DC) had published some Flash Gordon strips in their famous CW magazine and all of these were from Post-D.Barry('51-'91) era.These strips were appeared in CW,right from the #1 issue.However,those strip-dates were sometimes edited but thankfully they kept some of those boxes(with the year of publication).
Don't know if any more other strips ever appeared in that magazine but these three are all I have seen till now(and all from '96).
  • S190 - "Nightfall on Mongo" (4/28/96 to 8/25/96)
  • S191 - "The Way it Began" (9/1/96 to 9/29/96)
  • S192 - "The Return of Ming" (10/6/96 to 12/22/96)


Mahasthobir said...

You are walking down nostalgia lane...:)

Always feel nostalgic with my old favourite books...

I never liked CW that much. But now I enjoy them for bring back my great were those days...:)

HojO said...

Yes,I'm on a long-trip on this 'nostalgia lane' AND mind it,I haven't finished my trip yet!:)
The reason behind this sudden,unplanned trip IS some of the recent blog posts that triggered my nostalgia bud once again!
First, some '80s old covers' posts by a new blogger: Maverik in his blog and then your 'Anandamela' posts!!:)I had allmost lost all hope to see those earliest issues(& Tarzan pages)ever,so that was great!:))

Before these,since last few months I was even thinking to quit blogging/forum-activity etc for a while as nothing much *new* was happening off-late!!:(

Anyway,as now I am back(at least for sometime) with my blogging,so you can expect see a few more posts on similar topics(and one more is coming in this week)!:)

PS - I hope you will post your all AM early issues and discuss them!It will be perfectly do if you post only selected topic/features/comic-pages than the whole books,as I'm not asking for so much trouble(to scan a whole book/pujbarshiki etc),rather a more discussion oriented posts etc(For me,it's the discussion,with few old pages,that matters than scanning the whole stuff!)


Devil said...
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