Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mandrake Cover Project #2 :'Aleena the Enchantress' IN Mandrake-Indrajals

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Now, Aleena!!!

While posting covers of Original-n-Repeat versions of Mandrake-IJCs,how can I stay away from posting Aleena's beautiful covers published in the same???

Thus,here I present some Indrajal-covers of her!
Wanna bit more closer with her?? Then you can visit here!!
By the way,there are total FOUR covers are available of this 'Glamorous Enchantress' who first appeared in Mandrake's life way back in '50s!!!!

Have a look guys,,,,those are quite eye-candy! Ain't?? ;-))


Anonymous said...


Prabhat said...

Dear Dara, I regularly visit your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I have cover 146. Don't know how to send you. Can you send me all covers 1 & 2 in much better sizes?

Dara said...


Thnx 4 your comment!
Yes,I reqr that cover (No.146)..plse send me at

I've posed in medium/small size to acomodate in Blog-space!
But,if you save it in ur PC (directly frm my Blog),it'll appear in Original size!!

BTWN,do ya've covers of Vol.22 NO.47 and No.334 (Eng/Hindi)??


comicrazee said...

Hi Dara, how about providing mediafire link to the comics in discussion? It would give more opportunity to people join discussion, if they have not read them.

Anonymous said...

Nice post!
Keep it up..


dump all this garbage and provide some comics to read.

Dara said...

Yhnx 4 reveal yourself! ;-))

If these Vintage Covers/occasional strips ARE Garbages,then how come the Comics r interesting/appealing???

So,1st get lost frm here!! :-)