Thursday, December 6, 2007

Fascinating Mysteries that baffled even Mandrake !!

In his rather unusual and fascinating life,Mandrake had faced many weird-yet-scary adventures,creatures etc. But there are only a few mysteries that baffled this legendary magician !

In this post,I'm going to discuss three such adventures! :-)
Firstly,mystery of The Headless Figure.

It was originally a 1986 strip (D193; The Case of the Headless Man) and published in Indrajal Comics as The Headless Figure (Vol.24 No.29/30 -2 parts: 1987).

It's when Narda accidentally introduced with those 'figures',during her visit to dentist,and then after being released from that clinic,she apparently experienced some unbelievable things!!Initially everyone assumed that it was nothing but a dizziness result of that anesthetic gas used for her dental-treatment!
But,Narda by went herself at that place to prove her point,that it was indeed some headless figure that later changed in a beautiful-lady and then a smiling-young-man,that she observed and not dreamt! Due her sudden exists (from Xanadu),Mandrake was worried and during their wire-less conversation ,Narda's voice was suddenly disappeared!!!....there was NO response from her side.....suddenly Narda was missing!!!...what happened to this beautiful princess???

From this point,this story takes a very interesting turn, ended up producing much more twists those were quite unbelievable and hence quite gripping!
Precisely,it's about a mysterious midget-couple :Colonel n Mrs.Pee-Wee!!!!

Some friends have been quarried about in which strips Narda has a major role and this's one of those ,not comparing though,with that FAMOUS 'Narad and Cats' [Originally D146;1971,published in IJC as Vol.23 No.46 ;'The Strange Banquet';1986] where the situation was more fascinating and completely associated with her!!..
However,back to the Headless Figure,the MOST interesting point is,Falk left the story at the position where a 'return' could be possible (like he did every time with "8" or 'Cobra' )!
Story finished at the point when 'that mysterious couple' had a narrow-escape from the state-police (without their loot though) after many weird-tricks ,then chief declared "We warned other states,we'll never see them again here".

But then Mandrake was NOT sure,he thought otherwise as he said "I wonder"!

It's like he was NOT sure,whether that tricky couple will give-up their baffling crime-acts so easily,without even totally successful in the first venture (despite their escape)????
I don no whether that Midget-couple ever returned in any Daily/Sunday after this....
However ,in story D195 ,which was titled "Return of the Tinnies" (IJC Vol.25 No.7 ;Innocent Victims;1988) which might gives the impression of a return of those same characters from D193.
But it's NOT the case!!

In this tale, ,Narda again had to face a weird-most situation when a mysterious tiny-couple (about 4 inch height!!) forced her to find their source-of-life,after appeared some in some couple of nights,in her apartment (ohh ... it was really a tough time for our lovely princess,who had to face some freaking couples within very short-period! )!
Anyway,throughout the story,Mandrake only thought Narda had nothin' but a sweet dream until the end,when Narda returned at her apartment after mysteriously disappeared from a theater, being forced to accompany that tiny couple ,in search of their living-source hidden in a secret place!!

At the end,Mandrake ,being the king of illusion, himself was puzzled..."were they really exist??"

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Hi Dara,
As I requested before, how about providing mediafire link to the comics in discussion? It would give more opportunity to people join discussion, if they have not read them.

Also I love to read Narda and the cats stuff again after so many years