Saturday, December 8, 2007

Mandrake Cover Project#3 : Central Galaxy and Magnon special

Magnon! said,he is the mightiest friend of Mandrake -the Magician!!
He's the ruler of million planets of Central Galaxy and lives, with his beautiful wife Carola and daughter Nardraka , in the planet Magna -- which is 30,000 light-years away from our Earth!!
Mandrake and Magnon first ever met through the famous Galactic Beauty Contest,where eventually Narda was the winner!! Though that story(a 1955 strip) never appeared in Indrajal,except a couple of recapitulations in later stories...
Now friends,have a look on those Indrajal-Mandrake featured his adventures in Magnon's Central Galaxy !
[Introductory story was Ratmen of Rhodencia(No.200) and last was effectively Magnon's Glorious Reign (Vol.23 No.47/48),all though that No.200 was repeated as Vol.24 No.45]

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