Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Here is my heartiest Wish for Merry Christmas to ALL Visitors & friends !!

Enjoy this EVE with your family and dear ones! :-))

And,Keep visiting ....


Prabhat said...

Bruce Lee
Buz Sawyer
Mickey Mouse
Mike Nomad
Phil Corrigan
Rip Kirby
Rob roy
& me..
All the Stars wish u a Very Happy New Year.

Dara said...

Thnaks Prabhat !!!

And,I really LOVE the wishes of those heroes,spcially Phantom/Mandrake/Bahadur's...well,AM MYSELF is Dara....so,you've ANOTHER frnd in this name?? :-P

Grouchy's Comics said...

dear dara,

Best wishes for the new year.

Sorry couldnt comment before. Great posts on Dara (I, II) the phantom strip and the Mandrake cover project. Keep them coming!


Dara said...

Same to you...n lets keep those wishes for 1st January,2008..as a NEW year always something like afresh start!!ain't???

BTWN, comments of 'four' loooong posts in ONE!!very smart,yeah??? ;-))).Thnx for liking those write-ups,,,,It was my target to post something on Dara and Bahadur,to let pple know,what are those comics meant for us!!

For Mandrake,again,it's my ove for this Magician force to me share a few thoughts/things here!! :-)

Keep coming....

comicrazee said...

Hi Dara,
Wishing You A Very Happy New Year.

Let your blog bloom with more interesting discussions!


Prabhat said...

I know about you. But My DARA is from indrajal a star like me.

Dara said...

Thanks for the wishes!! :-))

Let your blog bloom with more interesting discussions!

Did ya mean,you yet to find any 'interesting' topic here?? ;))


Hey,keep comiing!!..without regular feed-back (from readers) how can one improve?? :)

Dara said...


Abbe,THIS DARA is from Indrajal too!!! So, hope ,now u get...WHO I AM?? ;-))

Btwn, you r a star (Indrajal/non)indeed ,,after your remarkable effort to make available ALL D/L links of IJC-SCANS in ONE PLACE...which will b a gr8 help for new comers!!

Keep updating that n inbtwn don forget to visit here....ONLY Blog of an "Indrajal STAR" :-)