Saturday, December 1, 2007

Phantom In the 'Mysterious' Kula-Ku : The Dreaded Land of Queen Karola!!

Friends,let's meet a Queen,whom some people called Witch , Karola,the queen of Kula-Ku!!!!

Our 21st Phantom's ancestors had aware of that Mysterious place ,but never visited !Oneday when he (our Phantom) browsed Skull-cave's Chronicles,suddenly read a para,where 18th Phantom wrote :"I heard the tales of a tyrant Queen,called Witch of Kula-Ku,who took her captives with SNARES OF SMOKE"!!Unable to find any more info over Kula-Ku,Phantom decided to visit the place by himself!! It has been said that,one has to cross the River Of Fire to reach that land!That river is filled with melted-n-boiling lava,which can destroy anything and everything!How
Phantom crossed that deadly-path (with Hero n Devil) ,is itself a thrilling tale!
When this legendary saviour reached the valley-of Kula-Ku,he was amazed and at the same time horrified to find that ,EVERY living-things is apparently dead!!!! He utters "Is it some kind of Epidemic????"
However ,he had been trapped as like other captives in that Snares of Smoke and brought in front of the Queen!!

Thus,as a result , a much-awaited introduction happened at last,finally Phantom meets the Queen of Kula-ku,Karola!!It's said that,Karola married many times and every time when she bored with her husbands....just killed and then stuffed them!!

After the meeting with Phantom,,like ALL other beauties on earth,Karola too wanted him as her new husband,even promise to share throne!! Being a born witty he's,Phantom asked her "..And wind up stuffed like him (her one former husband,a warrior),when you get bored"!!!

Overall,it's a fascinating tale,(Originally a 1976-strip: D130 and published in Indrajal Comics as 'The River of Fire/Pisachini':#279/280) from it's very beginning ,specially it's quite amazing the way Phantom had saved himself with many people enslaved in that dreaded valley of sleeping smoke !!
Finally ,the mystery of Kula-Ku was unfolded!!

P.S.- Phantom had to visit Kula-ku again ,after his marriage and birth of the twin,but that's a different story.....


comicrazee said...

Dara, has anybody posted this comic yet. Would love to read this

Dara said...

Yet to appear in our blog and donno when it'll....!!
Thus I thought to give a brief descriptn of this mysterious (acording to me) this p'cular tale shud read by every Phan!!

Btwn,I've BOTH the Indrajal version(on paper) n Original strip. :-)

Chandan said...

Nice post.
It is a very good comic.
Inputs and preview on the same are also very nice.

Grouchy's Comics said...


Why dont you post the strip yourself?

Dara said...

#Chandan: :-)
Being an ardent Phan of IJC,I wanna readers introduced with Karola n her mysterious land:Kula-Ku through IJC's version!!
But alas!! I don have the scans of River of Fire(2-part),but only paper...thus I provide here only few glimses!!

After any of our Big Bro's release of it,I'll post the link of Original strip!

ravi gokhale said...

Hullo Dara
Can I have download link for this comics (D-130 Mysterious Kula-Ku)
many thanks. Its gone.
ravi Gokhale

dArA said...

#Ravi ji:
You are welcome....
I didn't provide d/l in THIS post of Kual-Ku!! It's just a preview of what I'd posted in my 50th post:D130(Mystery of Kula-Ku),where I'd provided the d/l link for this strip!

You can found that at this link: